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~About Me~

   I live in Northern Maine.  I'm a wife and mother, blessed with two beautiful children, a Son, and a Daughter   Both married, made it possible for me to become Grandmother, nine times!
   My Children and Grands live far from me and if I am lucky I see them one, or two times a year.  My son and his family live twelve hours drive from me.  My daughter and her family live twenty three and a half day's drive, from me.  This makes life lonely many a day.
   As I wrote in my Homepage, I have three little ANGELS FETUSES in HEAVEN and each of my two children have two boys and a girl each.  The oldest boy is almost eight years old and the littlest one, a girl is almost one year old -as I am writing this- Blessed additions to our family.
   I love to do daily prayers in reading the official daily Readings of the Mass.  I also do a daily journal-ling of my thoughts, thanks, or needs, that I have been doing since January 7, 1985, daily, if I missed days since that first day in 1985, there are not many days missing.  This daily writing in my journal experiences brought me closer, than I ever thought possible I could be, to PAPA DIEU.  The entries have been one of the most important means of sharing my pains and joys with "SOMEONE" that I ever had before, and, now I know that I was, am, or will never be alone no matter what.  This is the main reason why I am doing this website.
   I shared my faith as a "Catechist -CCD teacher-" in volunteering for more that twenty one years to the little ones, and teens of our parish only, on a weekly basis.  My classes were from grade 6 of 129 students that were spread into five classes weekly, to nine teens of weekly classes -some came for three in my home in the evening.  I was with some preparing for their First Holy Communion, some for their Confirmation.  One can say that I did all the grades and even one year pre-school little ones on Sunday afternoon.  These "faith sharing" experiences has brought me closer to PAPA DIEU than I ever thought possible.  I gave my all because I absolutely loved being with the kids.  I was blessed a thousand fold for my giving by receiving great big hugs and touching words from week to week, and year to year.  I am not a Catechist anymore, because of poor health the first year and other reasons.  Oh how I miss the constant contact with the little ones.  But, my goal now is, to touch each person who will read the pages of this web site.
   I love to camp with our Fifth Wheel camper, most especially when we go see our children and grands.  I love to make my own greeting cards on my PC for my family members and friends.  I like playing games in a certain family website.  I like to sew, do crafts and reading.  I love to walk, when the weather permits.
   I love to help people spiritually, with the best that I can, or with what I know as fact by what I lived.  Someone once said, "you cannot know anyone except if you walked in their shoes".  Well, I've walked, and walked, and if I help only one person through this site, then my efforts will be fulfilled.
      Please, if you have been touched, would you let me know by writing me a little note?
      May PAPA DIEU Bless you all who entered thus far!


My three little
are at work!
*~What A Job~*
I might try to
THEIR job in
details here.
The job I think
THEY do,
is what brings
the best in us,
family members
here below.
Are THEIR job
too frustrating?
I think it is!
~Angel of God my Guardian Dear,
To whom God's Love has sent you here.
Ever this day be at my side,
to light and guide, to rule and guard.
Amen +~

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