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~A Rare Flower*s Pad~

~My favorite Bible verses~

~There are three Bible passages that are deeply rooted in my heart and I would like to share them with you here.
Every person who loves God should take these passages into consideration also, because they tell so much about who
PAPA DIEU really is like.
These passages are my anchor, my reason to go on, when another pain, another day ... 
Without any of the Scriptures, for that matter, I would be the most lost person on the face of this Earth. 
These Scripture verses are my guide and consolation , my cries, my hope, and, my praises.
Without them I would certainly be a lost soul.
I pray that when you read them, the HOLY SPIRIT will read them for you so that
HIS WISDOM will be poured out on you, in every paragraph, line and WORD,
this I ask in Jesus Christ's Holy Name.~   Amen  

This is the prayers I have voiced out so many times!
Still do, and I pray that I also, like Sarah, I will be heard in me times of deepest needs!

~I found many little pieces of papers that I had written down some special verses
that touched me strong enough for me to take the time to write them down.
So, I decided to find their meanings.
Here is the result!~
-Philippians 4: 4-9
"about God wanting our happiness."
-Luke 12: 22-31
"Trust in Providence."
-Proverbs 4: 20-27
"Choosing Wisdom; look ahead."
-Matthew 25: 23
"Well done good and faithful servant."
-Matthew 18: 19-20
"Where two or three are ..."
-1 Corinthians 10: 13
"about more trials we cannot endure."
-Matthew 7: 13-14
"the narrow road is the way to heaven."
-Galatians 5: 1, 13-16
"Fruits of the Spirit"
-Isaiah 49: 1
"Called you by name"
-John 15: 1-10
"Vine - branches"
-John 15: 11-17
"Lay down His life"
-John 17: 20-26
"Lord's Prayer of love"
-Luke 6: 32-38
"Jesus teach on Love"
-John 15: 16-17
"I chose you ..."
-Luke 11:9-13
"ask ..."
-John 14: 13
"Everything you shall ask the Father in my name ..."
-John 14: 12-15
"... will do the works that I do ..."
-Psalms 63: 1-9
"Ardent longing for God"
-2 Cor. 6: 16-18
"... we are the temples of the living God ..."
-Job 12: 2
"... you are the intelligent folk ..."
-Philippians 1: 27
"Fight for the faith."
-Songs of Song
4: 12 to end
"The Bible was on a table in the center of our circle at the
the prayer meeting and a page was straight up. I pushed it down several times but the page would pop right back up again. I knew had to read it.

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