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~Favorite Links~

~On this page I'll include a list of links to other web sites that I enjoy.~

~Have you ever had a word that you would like to know just where it is in the Bible?  This "Search" link will help you. 
Write the word in the space, and, then click on the GO button.  You will receive numerous results where that word is written in the Bible.  I like to search for words that express my feelings, eg., happy, pain, etc.,
I find it especially helpful when I read the verse(s) that were found, it's PAPA DIEU speaking to me, and you through them. 
I find it extremely comforting. 
Enjoy your searches!~

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Use the:
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~Favorite Links~

- Here is the Vatican's Homepage, in English

-  A must visit, it is Pope John Paul II's "Journey as a Pope"

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~Here are my favorite Playing Games site links:~


My most favorite games here: Poppit, Solitaires, Free Cell, Word games, etc., etc.





~ A Catholic web site that focuses on Visions of Jesus, and Mother Mary.

It has pictures and stories and has

everything one wants to know

concerning visions and more.

Here is its must visit URL ~

~This is what I would call, "the"Catholic web site.
I has every time one wants
to know, see, read and shop place.
An encyclopedia web site
It is ~

 ~Here is the correct time for the U. S. A. ~ 


~Here are some Links/URLs from the Catholic Greeting cards and Franciscan Communications~

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