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~~Bible Trivia, Quizzes~

I found this Daily quiz game at Christians Unite's web site. 
I play, and like that game allot. 
I play it to test "my" knowledge of how much I retained when it comes to the Bible. 
See if you know a little or, allot about facts from the Bible. 
Christians Unite added that the references in this game are taken from the King James Bible.
Enjoy!~ Daily Bible Trivia

~Here is another nice game, it's a Bible Word Search Puzzles. 
The owner of this site gave me the URL to add it here so you can go play directly on his web site.~

~Finally, I have found a puzzle program to add to my site.
When you finish this puzzle, on the right of the puzzle, a box will come up with links to Bibbs jigs,
and the JigZone's site where that program is, and to my Album.~
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~Here is a site just for kids.~

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