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~A Rare Flower*s Pad~

~Inspirations 3~

~"Food For The Soul 3"~

~I read this Poem online one day and it touched me so much that
I decided to add it here as a Reflection, for that's what is totally is!~

~This, was in French, I had to immediately translated, it in order to share it here. 
Its title is "The Weapons in your life!"
I translated it because it gives such a good reflection of our daily living on this earth. 
I hope it will make you reflect the way it has me, and use them when times come for either of them to be used.
I do not know who wrote the French version, or if it was translated to French when I received it, but, if this person comes here and reads it, I ask he/she will let me know they are the original author.~

Since all times, we live with invisible weapons, yet they are there.
We use them everyday it's almost become a reflex, some are very powerful.
Let me show you a few ...

~Alphabet, the way we communicate on the face of this earth,
I put this together years ago and decided to put them here
in order that you, also, may
Praise GOD in every letter of the alphabet.~

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