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~A Rare Flower*s Pad~

~Sealing in the

Precious BLOOD of Jesus~

~This Prayer, for me is very strong, comforting and miraculous.

I found out on June 16, 2005 that my mother of 92 1/2 years "young" (she never felt her age) had cancer, that was generalized (all over in her body) and that her heart was being squeezed within a bag of water.  So in order pass the time and I wouldn't think of her too much, I started to work in here in my web site.  A couple of months ago I was cleaning my CCD cabinet of old CCD programs and religious materials and that made a pile of papers that I wanted to add to this in here.  Then on July 14th I took this sheet (it was the top paper) in the pile and I started to read its content.  As I was reading it, on July 14th 2005, I named my mother's name in the blanks.  Then I prayed it again and naming myself in the blanks.

The next day, July 15th, mother died in her sleep, like she had asked for so many years.
I suddenly realized that this Prayer might have been a "help" for PAPA DIEU and JESUS to come take mother HOME, sooner than expected, where she belongs.
I truly feel that this powerful Prayer was heard and was accomplished because mother was not "suppose to die yet for the cancer was not advanced enough for her to die from it", but instead she died sleeping with a Rosary wrapped in her right hand, the Rosary that was present in the house where her first born son died 5 years ago from cancer also, who was all burned and eaten up from cancer and, from chemotherapy".
I attest, that I believe one hundred percent, that this Prayer relieved my mother from suffering any longer than July 14, 2005.  For I know that, the time span and the way she died, was indeed a MIRACLE!

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