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~1~ Never forget the Help!
   ~While preparing my lesson plans that were about Prayers, this came to me.
It was a bad snow storm day, and I had to drive thirty five miles to go to a funeral home for a final visit to Mrs. Jeannette.  Before leaving I blessed myself with Holy Water, asked Mother Mary to be the driver of my car, also of all the vehicles that will be around me along the way there and back home, and I left.  It was a long ride, but I made it safe and sound, I stayed at the funeral home about 20 min. for the snow was really coming down heavy.  Before leaving for my drive back home I prayed more for there were more snow on the ground by then.  I made it home alright, of course and with relief I prayed thankful prayers that time for having receive Their protection.
After I had calmed down I started to prepare my lesson plan for that week and the theme that week was on "Prayers".  I started to read, it said; "We shouldn't forget the help we prayed for in times of need, or crisis, and tomorrow forget about that help, until we need help again".  It was in accord with my life, just having prayed allot before leaving and returning in a bad snow storm.
Then the lesson's reflections continued to explain prayer this way; "Our bodies and Souls are in serious harm every day".  I had written down then; 'every day when I wake up something bad can happen to my soul and I do not even pray hard as I "do" in time of need!'
Then the story asked; "Do you realize how dangerous it is to journey on this Earth alone?" To that I had written: 'Oh, I do pray I give my day to Jesus through Mother Mary to do all she wants to for Jesus's Glory, but my life is in serious threat every moment of the day.  How come I do not pray as hard and as serious and ask for protection every moment, every second so that no harm shall come to my Soul so that the evil one may come and snatch me?  My body and Soul is as much danger now, as it could be while on the highway, in and airplane, etc.!'
Then took the little piece of paper I had written down the prayer that follows (I would like to add here that, this is the very first of the notes I had kept of my tidbits awareness). Having read this note before adding it here, I am touched that this is a perfect prayer for this Spiritual Tidbits' first entry. Here it is for prayers;
   "Dear Jesus, Mother Mary, help me to start every day (here every tidbits) with a fervent prayer, as if a crisis was to happen, (crisis here could be someone who is "turned off" from this first entry) not just a reminder prayed to take care of me.  I Praise You and I Bless YOU Dear FATHER for YOUR revelation for YOUR protection from the evil one, to ask that YOU throw him in the fire he himself built for eternity.  Protect me, oh Jesus, from my foolish ways and guide my every actions (here words written in this web page).
Mother Mary assist me in every thing I do and say (I will write in this web page) so that the Glory of your Son may be known through this day (this web page), by my words and actions.  Please do not take away YOUR PRESENCE Oh Holy Spirit from this poor soul (from the souls who will read this web page).  I ask all this through JESUS CHRIST". AMEN

   ~These tidbits will be added as I have kept them throughout the years.  Some are thoughts, some are what I call little "revelations" while I was doing my daily prayers, while doing housework, and even while cooking.  They will not be in order of subjects, but by pieces of paper in the pile that I have in my Bibles.  I will number them in case one has touched you and you would like to come back to read a particular one, also it is easier to remember numbers than titles.~

~2~What you see is not what you think it is!

   On a late November day in 1978, my husband was hospitalized from a sudden paralysis virus called "Guillain Barre".  I was driving back home, from the Drug Store, in our pickup truck with my two children.  We had purchased reading materials and search words books for him to pass the time with.  I had told my children that I had made a decision, that we should wait for our Christmas until their father would be back home from the hospital when I was driving to the store.  After we were back in the truck the both of them told me that they wanted to wait till their dad was back home for Christmas too.  That made me very happy that they loved their father that much, and being so young then 11 and 10 years old.  So, I was smiling and we were making plans.  I saw lots of people I know while I was driving back home, gave some a Hi "head nods" etc.  I don't remember exactly how long after that day had happened, when someone told me in a straight face manner, "your husband is paralyzed, in the hospital, and you were laughing!!!"  I did not say anything, but, I almost told the reasons why I was so happy and laughing that day.

~The reason for this little note on paper:~

   We celebrated Christmas, on January 3rd, Christmas was the next day after he came back home, walking again.


Come to me my love
Come to the sea of love (Ref.)
I want to tell you
How much I love you
You are my chosen one
Your name is written in my Hand
Don't ever forget I walk with you
Graces you will get, just take
My Hand, I will lead you to the
Promised land
Lean on Me and feed my sheep
If ever you fear just remember
I am with you, I will not leave you alone
My peace I give you and blessings too ...
For I am your God and you will never
Understand the profound love I have
for you. (I am with you and I bless you)
~The reason for this little paper.~
A little paper I had typed in the words.
The day was March 29/1994.
I have no recollection as to where it comes from,
but, this paper came in next from my pile.
It is PAPA DIEU singing to ....

~4~ Reflection about the Sacrament of reconciliation/confession

   Reflections before and after going to be reconciled with PAPA DIEU at confessing my sins to HIM.
Is it easy to bare you soul to the LORD through a priest?  Not at all.
Is it something people grow to enjoy? Usually not.
But, when I leave after confessing my sins to PAPA DIEU through HIS priest with the "absolution" (full forgiveness) of my sins, I know that I have stepped closer to GOD, and that I have pleased HIM.  I know that no matter what I have done, I am forgiven.  I know that I have asked HIM to arm me with the fortitude and strength to meet temptation head on and overcome it.  I know that HE has armed me for the only battle in my life that is worth while, the fight to save my own soul."
~The reason for this little note on paper:~
   Before I had written the above on a little piece of paper, my youngest brother, who changed religion, was assisting his community, (now he is not going at any community) he had insulted me by saying; "why do you go tell your sins to a sinner?  In my religion we confess our sins to every member when we feel like it on a certain meeting."  I replied by; "Okay, say I am at one of your meetings and you decide to tell the whole group the sins you committed by just telling what you did.  Now, after you confessed having done those sins, and now everyone knows what you did, do you truly and deeply feel forgiven for what you did?  Can I, a member of your group, say to you, -now that you told us what you did, I forgive you.  In My Name, I ... forgive you of your sins!  Would you truly feel that your sins were forgiven so that they will be remembered no more on Judgment DAY?  Do I have That Power to forgive you your sins so that The FATHER will remember them no more?  How about your community members, do they have that power to forgive all your sins every time you feel like telling them some more sins you committed again, and again?  If you read your Bible like you say you do, when and to whom did Jesus gave that POWER to?"  He answered; to all of us his disciples up to today!  I added; "go and read when and to whom it is written in the Bible.  After Jesus Resurrected he suddenly appeared in the "locked doors" Upper Room, where HIS disciples were hiding for fear of death themselves, and the very first Words He said to them were "PEACE be with you'' then He showed them His Hands and His Side and He said to them again, "Peace be with you.  As the Father has sent me, so I send you, He breathed on them and said to them, "Whose sins you forgive are forgiven them, and whose sins you retain are retained."  Did Jesus say that to all the people He met in His life? No it was to the ones he had given the power to do just that, His disciples/apostles whom He had just Breath the Power of the Holy Spirit on them WHO"S POWER can do just that, forgive.  If you tell me your sins right now and I say to you; "in the name of God I forgive you", would you really feel forgiven, really deep down forgiveness?"  The verses I wrote above were taken from the Gospel of John, chapter 20, verses 19 to 23.

~5~ Reflection about death, and, purgatory after

   Death of body, not of soul.  Our souls are taken into a time of re-birth of being re-born as a child is in the womb for nine (9) months, (or so), to be made whole our soul has to go to a place to make it healthy, make it whole, to make it at its appointed time being delivered into heaven.  Purgatory for me is a time we have to go through to be fed the food of heaven until we are ready for Eternal Life, like after nine (9) months a baby is ready for human life.

~6~ Offer your pain ...

   This I am most positive I did not write this on my own.  It was either taken from reflection literature or a book I was reading.  It had touched me to the point of writing some notes down. 
Don't worry about the feelings that may come and go, or the events that may crop up in your memory.  You are going to be tempted to hash and re-hash your injury -expect that- but try to overcome it by praying for God's strength to forgive and move on. Offer your pain to God as a sacrifice, and imagine how deeply in love HE is with you for giving HIM the sacrifice of a broken heart.  The sacrifice on one who is trying to be like God in a difficult situation is so beautiful, it causes the angels to rejoice.  Don't despair.  God believes in you.

~7~ Let your fingers do the walking
   ~Written January 7, 1988.  I was on my knees praying my daily Rosary and the phone rang.  I went to answer it.  It was my youngest brother who was on the phone.  His first words were not Hi Bea, they were, "Let your fingers do the walking" then he said; "comment sa va... (French)" how's it going?  I asked him how come he said "Let..." He answered, "ah, when your phone was ringing there was a commercial on TV saying that phrase, so I just blurted it out to you for fun".  When I realized what he had said I couldn't believe his words.  Here I was praying my Rosary, and, him not believing in Rosary any longer because his changed of religion, and, I was praying the Rosary for him so he would come back to his Catholic faith.  He had called to ask about one other brother who was in the same religion he is in.  
Praise You Lord, and Mother Mary for your constant love for us.~

~The reason for this little note on paper:~

   ~In my praying the Rosary, instead of "talking some sense" to my brother" told me that my private -silent- prayers were as good as works or words spoken to him, those I -we- pray for.  I was not walking with my legs in praying -helping- my brother would come back to his Catholic faith, but, I was walking with my fingers praying -helping- instead with my Rosary beads -let your fingers to the walking-.  My brother's very own words -PAPA DIEU acknowledging as hearing them (I took this happening as such)~

cared enough, to send,

~8~ Holy Confirmation(s)
   I was at a Prayer meeting in our parish and in the center of our circles of chairs was a table with an open Bible on it.  From the time I arrived in the room the Bible had been placed there, open and there were pages that were standing straight up by themselves.  I went to press those pages down on the rest of the opened pages, and went back to my seat.  After some time passed, the pages that were straight up before did just that, went back up again.  Someone else went to press the pages down.  Again, the same thing happened, and another person went to press the pages.  We all laughed at the way those pages were just sticking up as straight as can be.  Then it happened again, no one got up that time, but we were getting the hint that this must be something one of us had to read, or something.  So I got up and said; "well if this is for me I'll let you know" and I read the passage silently.  The tears started to come out and I had a hard time finishing the rest because of the tears were flowing by the middle of that passage.  When I had finished reading I went to my seat in complete awe as to what I had just read, and I shared those feelings.  No one had received an urge to go read the open page, some share in the group that it did not even came to their mind to go read, and some didn't even noticed the pages that were up in the Bible.  So, a member went and read the passage out loud to the whole group.
~The reason for this little note on paper:~
   The Bible was opened to the Book of Songs of Songs, chapter 4: verses 12 to the end of that chapter, (also known as the Book of "Songs of Solomon").  When I was reading the words I was seeing PAPA DIEU telling me that He is pleased with the works (sharing my faith with little ones at CCD, -religion classes) I was doing, sharing my faith was bearing fruits, that I was adding "spice" to my lesson plans, that my love for HIM was flowing to the little ones, that the Spirit was Breathing in my Soul as to feed me with choice words and actions for the little ones I had throughout the years.  I shared my faith for twenty one plus years!
PS: I would like to add here; "if there is anyone who does not know how to go about reading from the Bible as to the Book, Chapter and Verses, I would really love to help you in learning how to.  If there is anyone who would like help with this, please say so in one of my Guestbooks, or use the E-mail address links I've added to my site.  I would be a thrill to help someone again.  I had to learn the how to also, you know.  So, be brave enough to ask, and if someone does ask I will put up a page on how to go about it. 

~9~ The sound of a Wind Chime!
   I was sitting outside and all of a sudden the wind chime played its tunes.  That made me reflect as to how I did not see the wind who made the metal bars touch each other to make their sounds, that, like the Holy Spirit's "Wind" moving into a soul to make one person touch another person, and so on, so that all together they make joyful sounds for the world to hear.  The people, like the bars of a wind chime, are of different tones and heights.  One can imagine a man and a woman falling in love, they are getting closer in getting married.  Then they have little ones who are of different tones and heights also, that, with their parents, makes joyful sounds in the world.  And so on.

~10~ The passing of time!
   Having a Grandfather wall clock, listening to the passing of time is quite obvious for me as the clock advances to its thirty minutes, and the hour change sounds.  Stop to listen, the tick is gone forever when the other is heard, the time is passing by very fast.  Hurry to gain heaven before it is the end of your time.  We have to be careful how we use our Time, because it will be time that we will receive at the end of our time.

~11~ Gluten Bread


  read of life, in John 6: 48-51.

   In verse 48 Jesus said: "I am the bread of life", and, in John 12; 24 Jesus told us that "unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat; but if it dies, it produces much fruit."  Also, Psalm 147: "... finest wheat ..." Here is what I wrote on another piece of paper as was written then about wheat;
I was making a pie with Kamut flour and the flour is very grainy and the crust kept separating when trying to flatten it out.  The thought?  Jesus used wheat in his speeches because wheat flour is the, most "sticking like", "elasticity" flour on earth -I say-!

The Host will NOT separate itself in us humans who receive it.  It is held together by Jesus and the Father and the Holy Spirit, not grainy that those who receive it will not have partials of Jesus but the whole Jesus firm and intact, not like the other flours that separates easily and not firm, does not hold itself.

If we take Jesus in the Host, we will fully be held together by HIS SELF.  I say; "That's why Jesus chose wheat as he explained his parables.  All the other flours are non Gluten. Jesus is "Gluten" so to speak, He will not separate from us.  Receiving Him, we receive the fullness of Jesus. All of "HIM"."

I am allergic to wheat and I was really sick then and I was trying to help myself get better.  I had never heard of other flours other than wheat, oat and buckwheat.  When I found out about the wheat allergic reactions I was having I started to look for other flours.  I found out about many other types of flours when I went shopping at a Health and Organic food store.  I purchased a pound of each of the flour that this particular store were selling.  I started to make my usual recipes but did not use the wheat flour.  Oh my goodness, how fast I learned that only the wheat, buckwheat and the oat flour are best for baking, all the other flours are much too grainy.

That's where the word "Gluten" came in my vocabulary, gluten means whatever you make sticks together, and while trying to make sense of all those other flours' not gluten-"ing" themselves, to the thought of the wheat and Jesus never separating Himself from us in the Eucharist. One could say that Jesus is "Gluten"!

~12~ Baby's Breath


   We were at Ste-Anne de Beaupré for the Feast Day that is July 26, and there were tons of flower arrangements adorning the inside of the Basilica, brought by the faithful who comes from all over the world and bring flowers in the Basilica for that Feast Day.
   I was praying and admiring some of those flower arrangements, which were in the front of the Sanctuary.  There were many arrangements that had Baby's Breath flowers in them, making the arrangement more beautiful, of course.  And this thought came in mind;
   We are like Baby's Breath ourselves, in the eyes of Our Father, and our breath must be like a "baby talk (breath)".  We must be beautiful to His eyes when we are in the "arrangement" of the presence of HIS SON'S presence, or wherever Mass in celebrated, spread out all over the world.  We do make the faith more beautiful when we adorn our parish churches by our presence.  Our whole Catholic Church is more beautiful when we see thousands upon thousands of people gathered together to celebrate at Mass.  Think of what Our Father / PAPA DIEU sees when we do show our presence!

~13~ Boot Camp Visit


   It was in summer of 1985 and we were going to our son's Boot Camp Graduation in Great Lakes, Illinois with our brand new Fifth Wheel camper, that we only drove no farther than 500 miles, and that trip was close, if not more than one thousand miles away, in the "busy cities" area.  Oh was I concern about the traffic with a Fifth Wheel.
   I was getting so anxious that sometimes I would just tell myself,"let's not go", but the love of my child, my first one leaving our home, was pulling too much at my heart.  Then one day while doing my prayers, I guess it was the First Reading, and on a Sunday, at that, unless I just opened the Bible and read at random, which I very seldom do, but the Reading was: Romans 8:12-18.  I will write exactly as I wrote it on a piece of paper that day; "as I was reading Romans 8:12-18  I realized that, because I'm scared of our trip to Great Lakes of accidents, I am not depending on God, the evil one is in charge of me.  The Spirit is not at Work because I let the evil one run my thoughts, I'm scared, this might happen and that so I'm worried I sin because I do not trust God in his mighty works for me".  The Verses:
   "Consequently, brothers, we are not debtors of the flesh, to live according to the flesh.  For if you live according to the flesh, you will die, but if by the spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live.  For those who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God.  For you did not receive a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you received a spirit of adoption, through which we witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs, heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if only we suffer with him so that we may also be glorified with him.  I consider that the sufferings of this present time are nothing compared with the glory to be revealed for us."
   The Spirit was at work indeed for after having read that, I stopped myself from being scarred out of my wits every times those feelings were surfacing.  I have to add here that, when we passed through the city of Chicago's highway with so many lanes that the traffic was coming into the highway from the left and right side, if my memory serves me right at one point there were 8 lanes on a certain area on that highway.  What was more horrible is that the traffic was going 75 mph all the way, and some drivers would pass from three lanes without slowing down to see if a vehicle was next to their vehicle, that happened with an 18 wheeler driver too, and all we saw were break lights flashing so they would not get hit by those horrible drivers.  No, we could not slow down, but, I was still yelling it to my husband, poor him, he was as scared as I was, but he held on good and we made it through with no scratch.  I call that a miracle, I really do, my husband may not say the word miracle, but he may have thought about it though.  What a horrible place to drive through, never having driven in such crazy areas before, and hauling a brand new Fifth wheel camper for that matter.
   The worst area we had passed through before with a camper was in the Hartford Connecticut highway area.  I told my husband after we were almost alone on the highway after having passed Chicago; "and I thought passing through Hartford was terrible, that was a peanut compared to what we just passed through back there".  He agreed wholeheartedly.  Let me tell you that I was very thankful for our safely passing through hell with no harm, and for all the prayers of submission I had prayed before and during that horrible area.  Thank You again PAPA DIEU!
   My son was assigned as an Electronic Design Engineer on the USS Independence Aircraft Carrier (CV 62) after boot camp and studies.  My husband and I actually went on the Independence for a Special Occasion that was arranged for parents by the Navy to go on the ship and actually went for a ride on the waters while we were all on board.  It was quite an emotional and moving experience for us, and for all parents for that matter.  I never saw the United States Military Service the same way after those experiences our son had brought us in to, and, that ride we were given on that ship with the Naval Personnel giving us a "Military in action show" was quite an awesome sights to experience!

~14~ Clouds in the Sky

   One day we were driving somewhere and there were lots of clouds in the sky, and reflecting on them this came up. 
The CLOUDS are like sins that I knowingly commit and are hovering above my soul restricting the GLORY of PAPA DIEU to shine in my whole body.  Some of my sins/clouds are full of "air" just passing by so as to not wanting HIM to shine through my life.
   Some sins/clouds are full of "water" staying still; it seems, for days on end, tears washing out the dirtiness of who I am, of the times I have created the dirt.  HIS GLORY is not seen through all that water.
   Some sins/clouds are dark grey/black and carry storms; the times I am so much in turmoil about my existence that I don't know where I am going, what I am doing or what I am saying.   The heaviness of my sins just makes my soul unable to be reached via HIS LIGHT shinning through.
Some sins/clouds carry hurricanes and tornadoes...  Those are the times I refuse to let HIS LIGHT shine at all in my life.
   Those times I do want to control all that has to do about my life, my spiritual life included.  And what does happen when tornadoes and hurricanes passed by?  They destroy everything that they touch, and all the things that are close to where they actually touch on.  That is when I absolutely do not want HIS LIGHT to even exist.   I want to make it on my own, and,  I DESTROYED EVERYTHING IN SIGHT!
   And yet, HE WAS THERE ALL THE TIME, shinning in HIS GLORY, just like the sun in its designated place!
One could imagine our souls like that ship in the picture above, the rest of the picture can describe fairly well what I am trying to share here.

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