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~A Rare Flower*s Pad~

~The Shroud of JESUS~

~I like to call the SHROUD not of Turin,

but of JESUS, it is in that CLOTH that

HE was wrapped into after HIS "gory

and agonizing" scrouging and death.

Doctors who studied and are studying

the Shroud say that there is no human

being on earth who has or will suffer a

death like Jesus suffered.~


~Think about this, to think that HE was/is the KING of Kings, and the LORD of Lords, that HE could have done something miraculous -to stop this madness- like HE performed on this earth that we read over and over again in the Bible, but, that HE chose to die that disgusting way.
To think that HE could have had just a thought about PAPA DIEU, HIS FATHER, to send one Angel, just one, to help HIM not to die that way!
To think that HE wanted to go through all that agony from the moment HE started the plan for HIS LAST SUPPER
knowing who was to betray HIM, who should be the "greatest" among the disciples themselves,
Peter's "denial" of HIM foretold by Jesus, 
telling Judas Iscariot to "hurry as to what he was to do",
agonizing out of fear in the Garden of Gethsemane (Mount of Olive) sweating "drops" of Blood because HE was such in agony, 
arrested from a kiss given to HIM from "one" of "HIS Apostles",
Peter denying HIM three times so as to not be taken by the soldiers and get the same treatments that he was seeing Jesus going through before the elders that HE had spoken to so many times and was seen as truly being a PROPHET and denying HIM,
also Pilate who asked HIM if HE was the KING of the Jews -in John 18:36 and 37 Jesus' answered to Pilate, but Pilate told the crowd "I find this man not guilty" and chickened out and sent Jesus to Herod,
 Herod wanting Jesus to perform "signs" but Jesus gave no answer to Herod,
Herod and his soldiers tied him arms around a post and whipped HIM -the whips were made with pieces of bones tied to their tips so that when the tips hit flesh it would dig in the flesh, and when the whips were pulled back, the tips would tear pieces of flesh along the pull motions-,
they hit, disgustingly spat, beat, put a crown made of long thorns on HIS HEAD, put a Royal Cloak on HIS Shoulders to make HIM parade while slapping and asking who had just hit HIM" since you are a prophet they'd say, who just hit you?"-,
and after all the mistreatment(s) was found not guilty; Herod sent HIM back to Pilate.  Pilate found HIM not guilty again, and, asked the crowd what "they" wanted him to do with HIM,
the crowd -who had been healed, cured and forgiven while HE was with them- yelled to crucify HIM; Pilate wanting only to flog and release instead, but the crowd out ragingly yelled the louder "crucify HIM".
Given "half a tree's length" to carry to the spot where a tree was already placed upright "waiting for HIM" to be hung on, -remember, Jesus was at least 125 pounds, at the least, the tree had to be big enough to carry a man's weight, that was not a twig that Jesus was carrying on HIS Shoulders- the cross beam that was put on HIS Shoulders tied with ropes at both Wrists, -remember, HIS Wrists were tied to the cross beam (-)  part of the cross, HE did not carry a whole cross (+) like this,
and when HE fell HE could not guard HIS Face, or Body with HIS Hands when hitting the ground because they were tied on the cross beam.  So, HIS Body went full weight plus the cross beam's to the ground, (imagine a face and knees hitting the ground in such a manner). 
The crown of thorns was piercing HIS HEAD every time it hit the ground when HE fell.
The Bible says that HE fell three times, I say it must have been more than three for sure, HIS long robe -stepping on it constantly because HE had lost allot of Blood from the beatings and the crown by then, had not eaten since HIS LAST SUPPER meal, cold from the night -Peter was "warming" himself by the fire because it was a cold night when he denied Jesus three times- HE must have been purely exhausted, and even more so since the cross beam was put on HIS Shoulders, through the rough terrain, uphill etc...  (That is my personal view here, I am not contradicting the Bible in any way.).
Taking Jesus'"one piece robe" by pulling it over HIS Body, -remember, HIS Body was all soars from the whipping flagellation, hitting, crown of thorns, falling on HIS Face flat on the rough terrain, Knees/Body cuts from the falling(s) to the ground, HIS BODY was full of soars.  Now, when a person takes a Band-aid off a wound on their body by pulling it by a swift pull, one cries out of pain and, one's wound starts to bleed all over again because the scare(s) was torn off with the Band-aid.  So now, imagine Jesus' Body when that robe was pulled off HIS BODY that was full of soars!!! 
Also, Jesus was then totally "nude" when HIS robe was pulled off.   For "respect" the Church has a linen wrapped around HIS lower body.  Being totally nude in front of HIS Mother, friends and even HIS enemies adds to HIS agony, making HIM suffer the more was their plan.
Then the cross beam on the ground, they made HIM lay there while the crown of thorns dug even deeper in HIS Skull,
attaching HIM to that cross beam, so HE would not be able to get HIMSELF down from, they chose to use some nails, large nails that is so as to again, make certain HE would not be able to get off that cross. 
HIS Head cannot but be pierced more deeply by the thorns from ITS heaviness from a completely exhausted Body as the soldiers roughly grabs HIS Arms one at a time to attach Them on the cross beam. 
Taking the largest nails around -to make Jesus suffers more-the soldiers starts the blows with the hammers so the nails could pierce the Skin first, then the inside of the Wrists -hitting the "median nerve" that made Jesus'thumb automatically move to the palm of HIS Hand- then piercing the under side of the Wrist to then finally the nail starting to go through the wood until the nail's head was against the Wrist's upper Skin. 
Have you ever tried to hammer a nail into a tree?  Have you tried to hammer a medium or large nail into a tree?
When Jesus was finally "nailed on the cross beam" the soldiers pulled Jesus up with the cross beam part "attached to HIM", slammed the cross beam into place where the vertical part of the cross had matched grooves so both pieces would kind of "snap" together pattern, on the tree that was standing.  The vertical tree was not high off the ground like pictures shows, but when a body was attached (by ropes, their custom to crucify people then, only Jesus was attached with nails) the feet of the crucified was not high above the ground but high enough so the feet would not touch the ground, for faster death,
(less strength for the soldiers to push up a crucified person up on a cross, I'd imagine- my addition here-). 
The soldiers then took one Foot at a time, pushed and pulled until the foot was flat on the cross as possible, not arched like we see on crucifixes,then took the other Foot, put It on top of the other One and the nailing pattern started all over again
While Jesus was hung in that position, it was close to impossible for HIM to breath. 
HIS Arms were holding HIS Body, that means that HE could not take a deep breath so, HE had to push HIMSELF up with HIS Legs for HIS Body to move up a little so that the ability to take a breath was possible. 
As HE pushed HIMSELF up it was creating unbearable pain to HIS whole Body, the Writs and the HEAD crowned with thorns were piercing even deeper. 
HE was suffocating. 
The soldiers wanted to see wanted to see they could ease the pain by soaking a sponge with wine, and Jesus refused. 
Then Jesus' last words were; "It is finished" -John:20 verse 30-. ~
~The section of the shroud showing the face
    reveals dramatic features when viewed as
    a negative image.~


~Here is an artistic impression of what the face
matching the image might have looked like~

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