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~This Web Site is dedicated to my three
~I also include my
Earthly Grand Children in the Dedication~
I recently found out that when at the age of 28,
in 1974, I miscarried at two months of pregnancy.
I am adding my BABY FETUS ANGEL here
I Baptized Him / Her a couple days after 
I read that fact from my Medical History File.

Graphic copyright of Angel Fetus belongs to Anne Geddes



   Here I give Mary, whom I call Mother Mary, this Web Site.  I have made a Consecration of my life to JESUS "through Mother Mary" on August 29th, 1979, by way of St. Louis de Monfort.  In this consecration to JESUS I have given everything I own, do, pray and dream of to HIS Mother because I believe very strongly that HE finds it hard to say no to HIS Mother, I am certain.  And so, in giving everything through Her to HIM, everything I give HIM, she in turn makes my offerings much more meaningful by giving them to Her SON in "dusting off my pride, efforts, etc." so that my offerings are not attached to me at all, but given out with pure FREE gifts.  With this "giving" Her all that will be included in this site, all the glory will be given to Her SON, not to me.
   Now, after having written that, the reasons behind creating this website is to try to show to my family members, my friends, acquaintances, and you who come to visit this site how much GOD THE FATHER, whom I call "PAPA DIEU" -the French name for ABBA DADDY- is working in my life, as I know HE is in each and everyone's life, as a loving PAPA DIEU.  To show you how much HE is aware of our daily lives, even though we may feel there is no one out there that cares.
   I have been touched since my birth in ways that I never thought possible by HIM, and now I see how much of my life was, and is included in HIS care.
   May each and every one of you be certain that you will never feel alone after you have browsed and read about HIS Love in my life in this site.  That HE is actually there with you but you never were aware.  Also, that JESUS, and HIS Mother Mary wants you to realize that you can trust THEM with anything.
   Lastly, I would like to add, I am a mother, and, when someone asks me about my children I go on and on telling them how good they are, how loving, caring, hard working, on and on.  There is nothing more that I enjoy more than talking about my children.  So, I truly believe that the Mother of JESUS will not stop telling you about Her SON too.  This is true in my life.  In my heart, I love JESUS more since my Consecration than I ever had before.  To me, this confirms my saying that a mother "brags" about her child/children more to those who are interested in finding something out about them.  And so, I pray you will listen with your heart when you will read about the "happenings" that occurred in my life that I will share in this site.  My prayer is that, not one person, after reading something here, will leave this site with indifference in their heart, with judgments of any kind, but pure "eye opener" awakening(s).  Have a great day!
   May PAPA DIEU Bless you all!
What's in this site?

      Because of the belief that my ANGELS FETUSES are in Heaven, that PAPA DIEU -Heavenly FATHER- is always at work in our lives, whether we believe He is or not, I must admit that PAPA DIEU has been with me since birth.  And so, this site is mostly about the happenings in my life that reflects heavenly assistance without any doubt.

      And so, this site is in story form.  Stories that happened to me throughout my life.  Stories that leave me totally "astonished" that He's interested in the daily happenings in my daily living.  All these stories did happen to me and I share them here only because I know that PAPA DIEU is working in yours also, but you are not aware of His help.  And so, here I pray that my stories will help you see that you are never alone, no matter how alone you may feel.  I would never write this fact if I were not certain that of it myself.  May you be touched as I am in putting them down "on paper".

      Have a great day!

 When I chose this template to create this Website the very first line in it was this line below:

*~ "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." -Isaiah 41:10 ~*
My first reaction was, "Oh my goodness!!!" another one of HIS ways to touch me.
This picture was next to the Verse.
I have to add here;
This happened when I was creating this website, with the very first company.
Here it is being transferred (re-creating - moving) in this new company.
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