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~A Gift~

~A new Crucifix for my First Holy Communion Rosary~

My first Rosary:
   I remember when I was very young a salesman had come in our home to sell devotional objects, and my mother had purchased several items including two rosaries, a pink and a blue made of crystal like faceted beads. When asked who they were for she told me that I would get mine on a special day. I was hoping to get the pink one because, in those days, the color pink was for girls and the color blue was for boys.
   My First Communion Day arrived and as a present I received the blue Rosary that she had purchase way back. As I'm writing this, seven days before my sixtieth birthday, (as I am re-creating my website here at age 69 and) I still have my blue Rosary, but my sister lost her's when she was a teenager, she told me.
   When I was in my 20's, while praying the Rosary using my blue Rosary, I suddenly realized that, the color blue signifies the color used in images of Mother Mary's clothes, for example, the image of Our Lady Of Grace, my special image of Mother Mary. Since that day my Rosary became even more special to me.
   Then in my fifties the metal Crucifix, the Jesus figure, began to break at the feet's rivet. Then the rivet broke, leaving the feet of the Jesus figure loose, with continued use still, last, the Cross itself broke in two because of over use. I used "Crazy glue" to fix it many times, Scotch taped it, I even tried hot wax, it always broke at the same areas.  Then the first layer of the Cross was separating from the second layer so I tied those with a wire wrap, then last the Cross itself broke where the cross beam connects with the upright beam.  Knowing that my Rosary really needed a new Crucifix I started to look around for a new one that was about the same size and couldn't find one close to that size.  Then one summer my husband and I had gone on our yearly pilgrimage to Ste. Anne de Beaupré's Shrine in Québec, Canada I found one and purchased it.  It was a black and silver Crucifix.  I was certain that it was the perfect size but it turned out way too big.  I had decided to put it on my rosary any way, but, I didn't do it right then, because, it wasn't a "right fit", as it was way too thick, so I kept putting it off.
   In the winter time, a year or so after I had purchased that thick Crucifix, my husband and I had gone on a weekend shopping spree in a city, four hours drive from home, where the largest Mall is from home, and the last night there we had gone to the Sam's Club store and we were walking back to our vehicle with our purchases in the shopping cart. The parking lot was very slushy and had icy spots here and there.  I was looking on the ground not to step in muddy slush, or on ice, a vehicle was passing leaving the parking lot and I didn't want to be sprayed by the slush, for it was spraying as it was coming closer to us, and so we moved closer to the parked vehicles, and as I was looking on the ground, watching my every steps, the lights of the vehicle shone on something on the ground and as I made another step I saw something in gold-ish color. Yes in the slush I could see gold, so I stopped to look at it first, because, I didn't want to dirty my hand with slush, I bent down more to see better what it was, and there in the slush was a little gold Cross shape.  I voiced out loud, "Oh my GOD!!!" I bent down and dug it out from the slush and wiped off the mud a little, and, there it was, a whole gold Crucifix, made of real gold!  As I examined it closer I saw it was the almost exact copy as a gold chain and Crucifix my husband had bought me, there as Sam's Club, for a Christmas gift a few years back, a very close resemblance it looked like.  I couldn't believe I had found it and I was ecstatic.
   I voiced out loud to my husband, "Oh my GOD, this is a 'Crucifix!' And people, and cars have been trampling on it for who knows for how long? How can people trample on a Crucifix and leave it there on the ground, in the slush, for that matter? I can't believe people can be so non caring! Look, it's just like this one", showing my husband my chain I was wearing with the same Crucifix.
   When I was in our vehicle and driving away, it then dawned on me, "this is the perfect Crucifix to replace the broken one on my little blue Rosary!!!" I exclaimed out loud. "Oh my GOD, PAPA DIEU, You found a Crucifix for me, oh my GOD. This is the perfect size for my Rosary and I've been looking everywhere to find one for years and here I find one in the muddy slush, and plus it's in real gold!!!" It seemed too much for me to get such a free gold CRUCIFIX  GIFT.
   Once home I polished it and saw that it had been trampled so much that the edges all around it were not smooth to the touch any longer, especially the four corners. Some areas are sharp a little from being pressed on the muddy slush gravel.  Who knows how long it was on that parking lot?  But, the Jesus figure and fancy etchings are not broken at all. "It is too good to be true!", I still say today.
   I replaced my broken Crucifix with this Gifted one at once when we arrived back home after washing and polishing it that same day and my Rosary is still under my pillow, where it always is.
   I thought I had lost my Rosary when I had to go live in Montreal, Canada to go care for one of my niece and nephew when I was fifteen years old, but, when I was preparing to get married and was moving my belongings in our apartment, I found it in one of my jewelry containers. I remember I was so happy of having found it I was jumping up and down in the apartment, I remember so well, and I put it back where it belonged, under my pillow, and it's been there under my (pillows ssssss) ever since that day.


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