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~A Rare Flower*s Pad~

~My "Awakening Dream~

~A Dream, that revealed true actions against me, in real life~

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   I was getting re-married to my husband, and, I had a ONE carat Diamond on my existing wedding set.  I was not crying in that dream.  I had a long white wedding dress, it was very pretty.  I remember how I was feeling even more prettier in such a beautiful wedding gown.
   I was in my parent's house (not the remodeled interior), and I was crouched down in front of the closet that was in back of the entrance door of their house, and I was rummaging for my white wedding shoes.  I was being careful not to wrinkle my beautiful white wedding dress while searching through a messed up bottom closet filled with shoes and of clothes too, what seems like tons of clothing to see the bottom of the closet.  I then decided I might as well clean the closet as I was rummaging.  There were mittens, scarves, shoes that were apart that I had to rummage deeper to find the other.  Once in a while I'd hang a scarf, or a coat.  That closet had two very long doors.  In real life, the right door was not working well because of much too many coats of paint, and used up hinges, etc, and so it was in my dream. But since I was stretching too much, I was concern that I would wrinkle my dress, and its long trail because I could not reach the end of the closet to find my white shoes, I decided that I would try to open the door on the right.
   As the dream continued, I then had a vision or what truly happened in real life on our wedding day, I saw my husband's car coming towards my village. In the car with him were his parents and three of his siblings. I saw how they were fighting in the car about the wedding, how sad my husband was, and how mad they were making him to become. I then saw his car parked by the side of the road because his car had a flat tire -this is actual fact also on our wedding day-. I saw him without his suit's jacket on, his sleeves rolled up so as not to dirty his shirt, how hard he was trying not to get stains on his clothes.  He was swearing and in tearful body language.  When he was changing the tire his parents never stopped a second to quarrel.  He was deeply saddened by their attitudes, even on his wedding day.  That scene had made me extremely sad too, and I remember feeling resentment for his parents too.
   As the dream goes on, a change of scenery came up.  Just then, I heard my mother's voice coming from upstairs.  She was talking to me, but I could not understand what she was saying, and, I told her so.  In their staircase the third step from the top had a squeak sound when it was stepped on, which alerted us that someone was coming down the stairs. I had heard that familiar squeak and the voice of my mother sounded closer.  I heard her ask what I was doing.  I then stood up while I was answering that I was looking for my white wedding shoes, and there, I saw her standing on the large step to change the direction for the rest of the stairs.  I looked at her and there she was HEADLESS.  But that did not scare me at all and I just said casually; "mom, where did you put your head?", as if I had said where did you put your house coat, or something.  I then bent and continued to rummage.  She continued to talk to me, but, I do not remember a word of what she was saying.
   She was still talking and was coming closer to me.   All of a sudden her voice sounded so clear.  Again, I stood up, and, as I did, I was telling her how much her voice was clear and pretty.  There she was, right in front of me, TOPLESS TO THE WAIST.  She had no head, torso or arms.  I then told her; "mom, how can you live?  You have no heart!  No lungs!  How can you talk to me?  You have no head!  No mouth!?"  Her upper body torso was turned inside the rest of her body, (like if someone wants to turn a sock inside out, or, outside in, and, a hole is seen where the top of the sock has been pushed in the sock's top, with pleats where the large part is pushed inside the smaller part).  I then continued to say to her; "How can you live?  You have no stomach to eat!"  She then answered saying; "That's ok, Brit (not her real name, here) puts some pills in the hole and she takes care of me, she feeds me."
   As my dream continued, I then saw her sitting at the table, on the opposite side of me, and, she had her whole body then, and she was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.  Her face was very young and her hair was medium long and her skin was clear and smooth and perfect.  I was telling her how much she was beautiful over and over again, with as much convincing as I could possibly put in my voice -she looked very pretty-.  And then, the dream ended, I do not remember nothing else of that dream.  I then woke up.
   Two weeks later, during my counseling session I shared that dream.  I started that session with an excited voice saying; "guess what? I had this wonderful dream that I was getting re-married, but, with a long white dress (not my sister's wedding dress I borrowed from her that was short to the knee wedding dress that I really got married with) and, most of all, I had a ONE carat Diamond wedding ring -a wish of mine- but my ring was far less than that.  That ring was absolutely beautiful and I felt so important and loved by my husband in that instant of my dream.  Then my counselor told me that I had received a great gift of Healing through that dream that was given me by Heaven above.  Then the explanation of my dream was told to me.

   The ONE carat diamond is my wishing love forever, because "Diamonds lasts forever!". 

My long white dress means" I regained my virginity that was psychologically taken away as a child".  The re-marriage is my wanting to live forever with my husband.  A wish that is very strong in my mind so much so that I even dream about it.  That was it as for those parts of the wedding scenes.
   Then the rest of the dreams scenes was explained, and the shocking statements for the scene where my mother was headless.
When a person is headless, it means they are DEAD, as dead as can be.  Your mother was dead a LONG time ago in Mothering you, he told me.
      No Torso:
It means that she had no heart towards you.  She had no breasts to FEED YOU -the Milk of Life Sustaining Essentials.  Also, she had no arms, for reassuring, for embraces, for caressing, for holding, for guidance, for reprimanding, no works done for you, etc...
     The Voice I heard in my dream:
It's her voice manipulating you ever since you have been born.  She manipulates your feelings by her voice, and you do her wish every time she tells you something.  Her voice is your pain!

   That was then end of that session because of time, but as meetings continued the explanations about that dream went on to confirmed the way I was being treated.

   This dream has truly been an awakening dream for me.  I was born in a hospital's toilet.  My earthly mother told me over and over again the story of the way I was born, but one day, while in a rage when I was forty eight years old that; "when you were born I had you in the hospital's toilet ... "  I have decided to remove this part of what she told me because, I do not want to hurt her.
   She has been really mean to me all my life, still continuing today -as I write this- and her ways towards me, as often and freely as she can.  Through the Grace of PAPA DIEU (GOD) I have completely forgiven her.  I only pray that PAPA DIEU will continue to help me along this road as a daughter.


   ~ I must add here that I do not want anyone to start to judge my earthly mother.  Who in this world has never sinned?  Who would be the first one to "cast a stone", -as Jesus once said to the people- at my earthly mother for her actions and words?  Again, I have to write here that; I have truly forgiven my earthly mother, forgiven everything.  As a matter of fact forgiven so much so that I feel more love for her than I ever had before, which is GRACE indeed.  We all have our moments of despair, and if you never had one such moment, please go on you knees and start thanking PAPA DIEU (GOD) for you are a rare person indeed who never had a moment of un-natural pain on this earth.  I pray that whoever read that Awakening Dream will see in it GRACE and not evil.  Thank you for understanding, and for forgiving.~



  I am taking my dreams more seriously since I have had that revealing dream.  Ever since I can remember I've been having dreams about how much I want to be loved by my earthly mother and my siblings.  In my dreams I am always "throwing myself on the floor in agonizing crying hitting my clenched hands on the floor crying out "NO, NO, NO, please believe me, I am not like that, like the way you say I am evil.  You don't understand I am a good person, stop saying that I do bad things it's not true I am not evil.  You are always lying about me.  Please love me, love me too like you do the others, please stop seeing me as being so bad cause I am not.  I need your love so much that I'm pleading here, on the floor, for you to see that you are wrong.  Why don't you love me too, what have I done to you that you treat me so mean?  Please stop being so mean to me, I am a good person...", On and on I cry this kind of pleading my dreams.

   Those kind of dreams I have them at least one weekly, if not, it goes to a week and a half or so.  I cry and plead so much that I come to a point that I cannot move my body any longer because I've used all the strength I had just to try to make them see who I really am. They are terrible dreams so much so that when I wake up from them I am completely exhausted, my heart is racing fast, my arms hurts and I either am crying or I have tears in my eyes most of the time.
   I rarely have nice dreams, and, when I do it feels like I had been heavenly touched.
   We all heard sayings that dreams are the reflections of our daily lives, that our subconscious is revealing itself to us the way our mental health is being affected by our lives.  I truly believe that those sayings are true, and so I make a point to go through the dreams/nightmares I have experience each day and I try to make sense come out of them as a lesson, or even a blessing for I realize once in a while that answers I have searched for were just given to me in a dream.  I am thankful to the person I heard the translations of my dream from, for it has healed many pains and hurts in my life since that day.  Thanks be to PAPA DIEU!
   HAPPY DREAMS is my wish to all of you!  



   I must add here; today, in March 2015 -while I am re-creating my website here at Bravesite- that, I do not have those dreams any longer. They simply stopped years ago, since my earthly mother has died.  I believe that the reason why they stopped is that, she now sees the real me and I do not have to prove myself to her any longer because now she who I really am!

Praised be to PAPA DIEU / GOD!

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